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Why is liposomal retinol better than retinol

Why is liposomal retinol better than retinol

Most of us are aware about retinol’s incredible ability to improve skin cell production - which in turn leads to smoother and younger looking skin - however Skin Science 1% Liposomal retinol serum is formulated using liposomal encapsulated retinol, which boasts the same skin-improving qualities, but in a more effective way.


What is liposomal retinol?

Skin Science 1% Liposomal retinol serum works similarly to regular retinol, however it delivers its powers into skin a little differently. It has been housed in a carrier system to protect its integrity and improve its ability to penetrate into the skin effectively. Once it is on the skin, it divides and conquers by delivering the lipid-loving retinol to exactly the part of the skin where it provides the most benefit to the skin cells.


Why is liposomal retinol effective?

Think retinol is good for your skin?

Liposomal retinol is even better at reversing the signs of ageing. Skin Science 1% Liposomal retinol serum is more stable and efficacious, having the ease of travelling and targeting the skin cells where it is most beneficial.


Why should you use Skin Science 1% Liposomal Retinol? 

Retinol works from the deeper layers of the skin upwards (unlike hydroxy acid exfoliants such as glycolic acid), so having a carrier system to deliver the retinol effectively to the lower levels of the skin means it can target the right area and achieve the results you're looking for. It's also volatile to air and UV so can easily lose its effectiveness if not protected by encapsulation.


Topical retinol can typically lead to redness, peeling, skin tenderness and sensitivity to the sun. In traditional formulas the potent ingredient is released all at once which can lead to irritation.


Skin Science 1% Liposomal retinol serum formulation slowly time releases the active ingredient into skin instead of all at once on the skin's surface, like other retinol products. The benefit is it is gentle but still potent.



How many times a day you can use it?

Because this ingredient is so incredibly powerful, it’s best to stick to using it once per day. Even liposomal retinol is still recommended only to be used at night. Retinol is damaged by sunlight, which is why it is recommended as a night-time use product. It can also make the skin sensitive to sunlight, which is also why it's applied at night and a sunscreen should be mandatory during the day.


Need-to-know tips when using retinol

It’s really important to wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30, preferably 50 (check out Skin Science daily tinted broad spectrum SPF 50) whilst using retinol products. Retinol can make the skin more sensitive to burning in sunlight if unprotected.

Avoid applying retinol products on the eyelids or the lips - the skin is way too fine and delicate in these areas. Caution must be used under the eye and around the brow bone.


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